June this year provided a very different fishing experience to my previous visits to the St Lawrence River in Canada, as per normal the trip was with Canadian Carpin Holidays, this would be my 9
th trip with them, well if you find something that suits you perfectly, why look elsewhere
. The difference this trip was a wedding, yes, a wedding at a fishing imagevenue, I did get a few strange looks from folks t home when I told them. The background to this was simple, I brought my Lad Darren to fish with me in 2011, he fell ion love with the place,. In 2012 Darren and Fiancee Annie came out to fish with me, Annie fell in love with the place, …… I forget which of them said that it would be great if they were to get married in Canada, the idea was muted to Paul and Lisa, that maybe we could have the wedding at their home,  …… the rest is history, a truly unique and wonderful wedding took place on the banks of the St Lawrence. The whole house was booked for the week, to accommodate friends and family, well 10 of us, of which six were carpers, you sense the sub plot masterplan taking shape here, we could fish, have a wedding and fish again, whilst the womenfolk did the hairdresser and shopping things that we men take for granted and expect to magically be sorted. In fairness Paul and especially Lisa spent hours checking and sourcing goods and services which made the actual wedding day perfect,  when friends and family first saw Paul and Lisa’s home they understood why Annie and Darren wanted to become man and wife there, all that was needed now was the cooperation of the weather gods. Six of us fished as normal the first few days, and thanks to Paul finding new swims, due to the adverse rainfall making four of the normal June swims unfishable, everyone caught good numbers of carp,all of the first time visitors to CCH broke their personal bests many times., I did manage to get my customary 30lb Common, after a string of high 29lb fish, they were all spawned out, so would have been interesting
imageweights a few weeks earlier.  Darren didn’t fish much the first few days, he was sidetracked by things like a marraige Licence and meeting theimage minister who was to marry them, although against advice he and friend Garry, did venture out to fish after dinner the first night, The mossies seemed happy with this decision, as they  feasted on our foolhardy fishermen for a few hours. On the days up to the wedding the forcast changed and changed, from sun, to thunderstorms, to just about anything, well this was Canadian summer weather, folks got sunburnt where it would show which caused a few anxious moments, but through all this Lisa appeared calm and in total control, well, on the surface anyway, and Paul did what Paul does best, just chatting away about anything and everything, with the odd story thrown in for good measure.

And then it rained and rained and rained……  Still tomorrow it would stop,  wouldn’t it ? The big day arrived, overcast but warm, little wind, great weather if it would last, Paul and I dropped the ladies at the hairdressers, the menfolk adjourned to the golf club for breakfast,  Slight panic on way
image back from the golf club, we were walking along the same road as Paul was bringing the now resplendant ladies,  easy solution, we all piled on top of Darren so Annie could not see him as they drove past,  You could write chapters about the actual wedding day, but suffice it to say, the weather was perfect, it even got bright and sunny after the ceremony, the lady minister, had everyone smiling and chuckling through out, Paul was everywhere he needed to be, And Lisa excelled even her own cullonary standards, the food on the day was nothing short of sensational, and her attention to detail and décor was stunning.  And Darren got his catch as well, as was written in the sand, ‘his catch of a lifetime’ Even the St Lawrence Carp joined in the days celebrations, with Annie in true carp wife tradition playing and landing fish while still wearing her wedding dress, and graciously letting new hubby Darren net the fish for her. Hundreds of photos were taken in the garden alongside the river, but they will never do justice to the actual day
.My thanks go to Paul and Lisa, it was a brave step for them to ‘manage’ a wedding at their home, so much could have gone wrong, but it could not have turned out any better, a perfect day for a perfect couple,   as for me, I’m back out again in September, that magical 40 is waiting for me somewhere, and if not in September. There’s always next May, when Annie and Darren will be joining me for another CCH adventure.