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The St. Lawrence River has once again proven itself to be a top destination for unmatched wild carp fishing! Canadian Carpin Holidays smashes previous records on the river with an incredible session of 96 carp from one swim! IN ONE DAY! imageTwo anglers Paul Hunt (owner and guide of CCH) and customer Gary Hartnall team up for what was to be a relentless day of non-stop action! After dropping off 3 teams of anglers in CCH’s most productive spring swims and instructing the anglers on baited area’s and tactics pertaining to each swim, Paul & Gary arrived in the swim they would fish. It was just as dawn was breaking giving light to the incredible St. Lawrence River and Paul didn’t want to waste one minute as he could tell from his years of fishing and guiding experience on the river that the day had all the right elements to yield an exceptional session. Leading up to this day the carp have been in pre spawning mode for two weeks and Paul has been monitoring their movements in and out of the bays and choosing swims adjacent to spawning area’s to ensure optimal catches for CCH’s anglers. The carp had been shoaling up in the shallow bays throughout May as they do every spring and each angler had been averaging 12 to 15 carp per session with every other day or so a team of anglers experiencing an exceptional catch with over forty carp per session. In May wind patterns became extremely favorable and the temperatures cooled just enough to discourage the carp from going into full spawning mode, as well as triggering the wild carp into a feeding frenzy! first 40lb+ of the season (photo above)

Paul and Gary couldn’t wait to get their rods in as they could see large numbers of carp rolling in the bays two foot waves. Once the bait was in place and the rods out it took less than five minutes before the first take of the day screamed into action. Using 3.5 TC rods and heavy braid set up for long rangeimage the first carp was hooked at 70 yards. Several takes later Paul noticed that there were carp right under the rod tips cruising past in the stirred up bay waters. They then placed Pineapple Mainline on Snowman rigs over a handful of maize, a proven St. Lawrence method, just under the rods tips in three feet of water. Within seconds they had a take with Paul landing a perfect 37 lb common. The rods did not stop over the ten hour session getting takes as quick as they could cast out! The warm southwest winds were 35 kms coming straight towards the team gusting to 80 kms. It made the fishing challenging but the experience even more rewarding for the team. Gary had been out to fish the St. Lawrence River on ten separate occasions in the past years with this being his first trip with CCH and he said he has never come close to experiencing the amount of takes and carp in the 30lb range that he has on this week, he said he was completely amazed and quite frankly exhausted by rod bending action day after day. The incredible end tally for the record breaking 10 hour session was 96 carp between Paul & Gary with one 40 lb common, seven 30’s weighing in at 38.8, 37.8, 36.4, 36, 35, 33 and a 32 lb and over fifty 20’s!!! The weeks fishing carried on extremely well Paul & Gary landing over 300 carp with Gary landed over ten 30’s to 36lb and Paul landing twenty-one 30’s and one 40 lb. All other teams experience over 50 carp per swim per session. the 2011 season has fished extremely well, providing all anglers with tremendous imageaction, banking high numbers of quality carp. A mixed bag weather-wise throughout May with warm temperatures giving way to cooler unsettled days seemed to be just the right recipe for consistent catches leading right up to the start of spawning in the bays. Now that the spawning has begun in the bays we have moved our anglers into the main river and our private swims near CCH’s accommodations, the River Island Manor. These swims have immediately sprung into action and are faithfully offering up anglers high catch rates & powerful takes in the deep water, but that’s another report to come. Top places are still available throughout our 2012 season, so if you’re interested in some wild carp fishing on the majestic St. Lawrence River contact us to reserve your spot. 38lb just one of 22-30s in 10 hours of carpin....Guide Paul Hunt.