Forget the overfed, cramped waters & named fish from UK & abroad!

Chris Ball, Kevin Clifford Simon Crow From Steve Briggs, Derrick Richie, Brian Skoyles have all Been Here....Now it's You Turn!

See Why Anglers From All Over The World Return To Fish With Us! We have been privileged with some of the best carp anglers in the world that has fished with us at CCH and we know we have the best carp fishing anywhere on the St. Lawrence River.

CCH in Ontario will put you in touch with the worlds hardest fighting carp, Imagine the excitement as a wild long common 30lb+ carp hearing the prolonged screamer. With Previously Uncaught, The fishing on the might St Lawrence River is quite simply incredible.   

imageVan: Van: Our new air-conditioned passenger van will transport you in comfort to and from the airport and coupled up with our enclosed trailer provides a perfect mode of transportation to your various swims along the banks of the river.
Boat For Waters Less Traveled:
  Canadian Carpins' 20ft harberCraft  Discovery: Heavy Guage Plate Aluminum hull and a canopy top for your comfort, This vessel is of an utmost necessity in order to fish the river to it's full potential.
Going by boat the months are Mid-Sept to Mid-Oct

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You will be expertly guided: By Paul Hunt who has over 38 years experience carp fishing, Paul has studied the incredible St. Lawrence river from 1989. Paul has found that the Canadian side of the St. Lawrence river has more features to offer the carp angler and without a doubt the local knowledge Paul have obtained is priceless. Paul will be able to fully advise you on the features of each swim you will be fishing i.e. depths, drop-offs, sandbars, gullies and weed-beds...etc. You will fish from only the most productive swims on the river. You will also fish from swims on isolated islands & banks along the prolific St. Lawrence River. In our immediate area we have 23 swims which Paul has tested thoroughly and we usually will have two anglers per swim or you can fish on your own. Don't worry we are here for you all the way!

An average day fishing (12 hours) and will usually consist of 5-20 fish per person (or more) We have seen that it is not an uncommon occurrence to have 2 anglers playing fish at the same time.

Here is example of how an experts choice of location and fishing method produced the BIGGEST CATCH OF CARP IN ONE DAY ON THE RIVER! Paul Hunt your guide & Gary landed 96 carp in 10 hours....and lost 15 carp! ...... One angler bank 79 carp in one day!!! YES one day!. Our ability to locate the prime areas on the St. Lawrence River for our guests, assures that each angler can expect the very best from their days fishing.
Help to find the best month for you!



Temps 10-20c

Fishing from private, baited swims in shallow waters where the carp group up in numbers. The swims are in scenic wooded area's with picnic tables for your use. You will need to walk with your tackle to swims. May and early June fishing also requires that you bring your waders for casting and landing carp.



Temps 20-30c

June fishing is very smilar to May fishing however from approx. mid June onwards waders are no longer required as we will be fishing area's with deeper waters in which the carp move into. (You will stil need to bring your waders for the start of June-to-mid June)



Temps 35-20c

Fishing is from scenic parks and some private swims. There is some walking to swims with tackle as well as swims that we can transport you directly adjacent to. There is no wading required during these weeks. You will need ankle boots and water shoes.



Temps 18-8c

You will be fishing from private, baited swims on islands. There is no wading and you are transported via boat directly to your swims so there is no walking. You will need ankle boots.

''Our Promise to you...We will make every effort to ensure YOUR CARP HOLIDAY dreams come true!"